How to Secure a Rental Property

Have you successfully received a buy to let mortgage? Are you now in the process of acquiring tenants and receiving a steady source of income? Thinking about how to secure your rental property efficiently and 100% hassle-free? Read on to find out. 

Home Security for Landlords and Tenants

Security is the most important factor both landlords and tenants have to take into consideration. Nearly 400,000 burglaries occur in the UK annually. Renters tend to experience more crime as rented properties are inherently less protected and secure than owner-occupied properties. 

This is because rented properties cycle through various individuals (different tenants, agents, landlords, tradesmen, etc). Higher security precautions need to be taken as it is crucial to know who has access to the property. 

As your mortgage advisors Edinburgh, helping you acquire a mortgage is not our only concern. You and your tenants’ safety as well as making the most out of the buy to let mortgage received are also of high interest. As a landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your tenants. This means the changing of keys and locks and ensuring all doors and windows are functional and have a sufficient lock. However, tenants need to be alert and proactive as well. 

If you are a new landlord or not, there is no doubt that you want to ensure your buy to let mortgage is being used effectively and want to eliminate any issues that have the potential to arise, including trespassers and burglaries. 

Who Has Access to Your Rental Property?

The average length of an assured shorthold tenancy in the UK is 18 months. A lot more people have access to the property than you may think. 

Often keys to the property are held by multiple parties, excluding the tenants and landlord. This is due to the fact that many landlords use letting agencies. It is usually standard that various individuals at the letting agency have access to the property (maintenance, agents, cleaners, etc).

Furthermore, if the locks have not been replaced in between tenants, anybody who previously lived at the property still has access as they could have potentially kept a key. 

Many tenants have no idea who lived at the property before them. Although it is unlikely a previous tenant would return and cause issues for new tenants, some people still feel anxious about the possibility. The uncertainty is enough to wonder about home security and safety. 

Security is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to rental properties. So, what steps can you take to increase security on your rental property?

1. Exterior Property Maintenance

As your trusted mortgage advisors Edinburgh, we recommend that the exterior of your rental property is always maintained and evidently looks lived in. This is a job for both landlords and tenants. 

Landlords should make sure the rental property is kept clean and vibrant during the search for a new tenant when the property is unoccupied. Despite there not being anyone actually present, the false look of it being occupied could deter potential intruders. Additionally, it is crucial that you or someone else frequently check on the property. 

Tenants should handle regular upkeep of the property. This includes the raking of leaves, cutting grass, shovelling snow, etc. If you do not have the time, then hire someone to do so. 

2. Don’t Let Keys Leave with Tenants

When a tenant moves out, make sure that you collect all sets of keys from them, even copies. This will not only give you peace of mind, but also future tenants. If you have any doubt in your mind regarding the collection of keys from your previous tenants, then play it safe and change the locks. 

Another option is to go keyless with a smart fingerprint scanner door lock.

3. Outdoor Security Lighting

Want to make the most out of your buy to let mortgage with security measures? Consider installing lights around the exterior of the property. This includes the front door and any side or back doors present as they should always be well-lit for safety reasons. 

If there are any dark spots around the exterior of the property, intruders are more likely to snoop around and search for an area to break in from. 

Outdoor security lighting can make a significant difference. We recommend investing in lights with motion sensors as they help deter break-ins, especially when placed in the front, sides and back of a property. 

Motion sensor lighting also saves on energy, making it an incredible cost-effective solution. A lot of prospective tenants tend to inspect the property at night, so it could be a great selling point! 

4. Go Keyless: Upgrade Internal Doors

If your rental property is part of a block of flats or a house of multiple-occupancy, as your mortgage advisors Edinburgh, we suggest investing in a biometric door lock UK

If someone manages to enter the building through the main door and the internal doors are not very secure, it could be easy for them to break into people’s individual flats/rooms. The same level of security i.e. a fingerprint scanner door lock should be applied to all doors to ensure 100% effective security. 

Smart door locks are fantastic as you are not limited to one method of security e.g. fingerprint scanner door lock. You can also use a secure keycard or mobile phone app. It can also connect to Wi-Fi for remote functionality, what a win! 

A biometric door lock UK provides an incredibly easy and convenient way for residents to ensure their internal doors are locked securely. This is ideal for tenants who have multiple roommates and want to ensure their own privacy is achieved. The future of securing your belongings is here with the revolutionary fingerprint scanner door lock.

5. Go Keyless: Upgrade External Doors

The first thing an intruder does is check doors and windows for vulnerabilities. To improve the security of your rental property, it would be smart to invest in a biometric door lock UK. 

Firstly, conduct a security audit of your external doors to check their strength and decide whether a biometric door lock UK is the most suitable choice for you. 

A fingerprint scanner door lock can improve security substantially and has a plethora of benefits for both landlords and tenants. Going keyless saves money, time and hassle. Fingerprint scanner door lock are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are also extremely efficient as you can register up to 50 fingerprints!  

Biometric door lock UK are ideal for landlords as they no longer have to change the locks every time there is a change of tenants. They are even more secure than other smart keyless door locks, for instance, those with a numerical passcode, as they cannot be hacked. 

A biometric door lock UK is also great in terms of reducing the risk of tenants losing keys. Whether you’re a tenant or landlord, losing the key to your property and paying plenty of money for a locksmith and a new set of keys can be quite the hassle and anxiety-inducing in terms of wondering who has access to your flat/house in the meantime. 

Lastly, if you truly want to make the most out of your buy to let mortgage and increase your revenue, it would be beneficial to advertise this feature on your rental property. Not only does it boost your profits and come across as more desirable, but tenants will feel much more comfortable and safer in their flats/rooms. 

All fingerprint scanner door locks come with a spare key, rendering them completely stress-free!

6. Inspect Windows and Install Locks

Windows are also a common point of entry for burglars, especially if they are not secured properly. Landlords tend to secure doors but forget about the windows. 

If you have windows that are easy to access, as your mortgage advisors Edinburgh, we recommend installing high-security window locks to eliminate them as a weak point. 

Always make sure you communicate with your tenants regarding security. This includes ensuring that they are able to lock all windows themselves. This is also a great security measure to take when the rental property sits empty. 

7. Consider CCTV Alarm System

CCTV cameras are another device that are effective in deterring intruders, particularly if they are visible. 

Security cameras can be an invasion of your tenants’ privacy, which is why it is crucial that you install them around the exterior of your rental property or common areas such as entrance hallways. Make sure you do not place them anywhere a tenant could expect privacy. 

It is also perfect practice to put up signs that let people know cameras are present. 

Advice from Bespoke Home Finance

A buy to let mortgage can give you the financing you need to generate multiple revenue streams. As your professional mortgage advisors Edinburgh, the safety of your rental property is crucial for both you, the landlord and tenants. 

Consider the aforementioned steps such as the biometric door lock UK to ensure optimal security and privacy.

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