Why You Should Get a Mortgage Advisor


Moving house is known to be one of the most stressful life events you can encounter, and throwing mortgages in the mix can make it even more complicated. Embracing the UK housing market independently can be daunting for anyone, not just for first-time buyers. At Bespoke Home Finance, we understand how difficult securing a mortgage can be, which is why we offer our mortgage advisor service for those seeking additional help. 

Even if you’re confident with property purchasing, mortgage advisors provide that little extra bit of assistance that can make securing a homeowner’s loan much simpler. Make your life easier by investing in a mortgage advisor and secure your ideal loan. 


What are mortgage advisors?

Mortgage advisors are financial professionals with vast amounts of knowledge and experience in the UK property market. They offer their services to clients searching for a mortgage suited to their financial needs, helping them throughout the process from start to finish. 

Also known as mortgage brokers, they have access to deals and mortgage products that the general public wouldn’t. They will scour the market for you, finding every client the best possible mortgage offer. Mortgage advisors are dedicated to assisting those with securing a mortgage, searching for rare deals suited to a client’s financial situation. 

Don’t cope with the paperwork all by yourself, secure the guidance of a mortgage advisor with Bespoke Home Finance’s expert team of professionals. 


What a mortgage advisor can do for you

If you are about to apply for a mortgage or are searching for a new property to purchase, investing in a mortgage advisor will greatly benefit you. A mortgage advisor will go through your finances, searching through income and expenses as well as any debt that could hinder your mortgage application. They will save you time when property searching by providing a budget and informing you on what you are able to afford. 

Using a mortgage advisor also means that if something goes wrong, if your mortgage isn’t suited to your finances or you feel as if you’ve been poorly advised, you have a better case for complaints. Bespoke Home Finance ensures our team offers the perfect advice for your mortgage, so you have nothing to worry about. 

Whilst mortgage advisors will charge a small fee for their services, between 0.4% and 1% of the final mortgage price, the deal they can find will save you more in the long run. Financially, you will benefit from the advice of a mortgage broker as you’ll have access to exclusive and better mortgage deals. Without a mortgage broker, you could end up with the wrong mortgage which will affect you in the future. You also have a higher chance of being rejected by a loan provider without a mortgage advisor, due to a lack of understanding of the circumstances surrounding the mortgage. 

Our advisors are aware of exactly what you need to successfully apply for a mortgage and will help you throughout the application process. Contact Bespoke Home Finance for more information on our mortgage advice, or visit our Mortgages service page. 

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