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If you are interested in releasing your equity in Giffnock, our team at Bespoke Home Finance can advise you on the best option to release it. Our equity release in Giffnock means you can benefit from the value of your home to generate cash or income, without having to sell or move, allowing you to continue living in your existing home. You still own your home with the amount you owe increases over time as interest is added.

At Bespoke Home Finance, we have a dedicated team of professionals that will help find the right lifetime mortgage to suit your needs, whether it be through income or a lump sum. Contact us today for equity release in Giffnock.

equity release Giffnock

Is Equity Release In Giffnock The Right Choice?

Even though equity release can be a highly beneficial scheme in a number of circumstances, it may not be for everyone. Those in specific categories may not be able to benefit from equity release in Giffnock.

Some of the requirements that need to be met for equity release in Giffnock are to be a homeowner, along with the property being kept in good condition. We also need to make sure there is nothing outstanding or a plan to clear the remaining borrowing. Equity Release in Giffnock requires the client to be at least 55 years of age. But some schemes may require you to be older.

Advantages Of Equity Release In Giffnock

  • It will boost your retirement income or help fund some goals you may have for retirement.
  • You will still own your property and can continue living at the premises.
  • You get to enjoy the equity built up in your property that can be used for a variety of ways.
  • There is no monthly payment.
  • We will guarantee that there will be no negative equity as all lenders we use adhere to the Equity Release Council Code of Conduct strict criteria.
  • You will be able to get a tailored interest rate.
  • You are able to leave part of your inheritance.


Why Choose Bespoke Home Finance For Equity Release In Giffnock?

When you come to us at Bespoke Home Finance, communication and professionalism are our top priorities. Our Principal, James McQuistin has been in financial services since 2002. Our client base covers across the UK and we are very proud of the work we carry out for them.

We are passionate about achieving the best and building better relationships with our equity release clients in Giffnock. Each client have always been the first to voice their gratitude about our work ethic and clear and transparent advice we provide.

At Bespoke Home Finance, we make our equity release fees competitive and we make sure to agree on them with you in advance. Contact us today on 03301112477 or fill in a contact form below for equity release Giffnock. We look forward to hearing from you, there is no obligation or no high-pressure tactics on ours. We offer our services to you and want you to have the best experience with us.